*While in person lessons are ideal, I do offer Flute and Music Literacy/Sight singing Lessons via video chat using the following platforms: Facebook Messenger Video Chat (super easy and great!), Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. 

Private Flute

One-on-one lessons for 30, 45, or 60 minutes weekly. Individualized training based on student's goals with the Flute 101, 102 and 103 by Phyllis Avidan Louke and Patricia George used as basic curriculum. Intensity directed by the student from just getting help with band music to audition prep for honor groups a college music programs.


Group Flute

2-4 students sign up as a group together* and work on similar concepts as the private student. *Students must be of similar level/ability. 45 or 60 minutes weekly.


Private Piano

Geared towards ages 5+. 30 or 45 minutes weekly. These lessons offer a comprehensive musical education where students will learn more than just the method book. Game Based Music Theory (which is both more enjoyable and leads to better overall retention!), chording (lead sheets), ear training, music literacy and composition are regular, rotating components of a lesson. Student goal driven lesson plans. Multiple genres are incorporated from hymns to pop music.


WunderKeys Pre-school Method

WunderKeys Bus Picture.jpg

Wunderkeys is an innovative, first of its kind, developmentally appropriate curriculum geared towards ages 3-5. These one-on-one lessons are designed to fill a 30 minute time slot with several different activities to keep your preschooler engaged and having fun while learning the whole time! This is a "wunderful" way to begin piano study! If you are unsure if  your child is ready, please fill out the request form and let me know you'd like a meet and greet to determine readiness. Learn more about the program and its developers here: http://wunderkeys.com/about-us/ To learn about specific cognitive benefits from begining piano study prior to age 6 go here: http://www.teachpianotoday.com/2014/07/24/exploring-the-cognitive-benefits-of-piano-instruction-with-dr-frances-rauscher/


Return to Music!

Do you regret not continuing piano lessons as a kid? It really isn't too late! I offer the same variety of music and activities to my adult students based on your individual goals. I also teach adult flute lessons to anyone wanting to pick up their flute again and brush up on skills-or anyone who has always wanted to play the flute but never had a chance when they were younger! 30, 45 or 60 Minute Lessons.

"I love the state of being a beginner, and being a late bloomer. It's never too late to start, there are countless examples throughout history of people who started way way late.... I actually think there's a certain strength to starting late and starting innocently." Eric Whitacre in an interview "The Inside Voice" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LMiDP9WEkk


Music Literacy/Sight Singing

Lessons for individuals or groups in general music literacy using Conversational Solfege by Dr. John Feierabend for anyone wishing to learn how to read notation (music) fluently. The goal is to be able to read written notation in such a way that you can "hear" the music in your head the same way you "hear" words when you read a book silently. Both rhythm and pitch recognition (both their absolute note name and placement on the staff as well as their relationship aurally to other pitches) are covered in a 12 Step Program that is self or group paced. No prior music experience is needed. **ANY Instrumentalist who is considering a Major or Minor in music would benefit greatly on this jump start on the Aural Skills/Ear Training courses that are required for such programs. Music Theory can be incorporated upon request.