The music lessons I provide are packed with fun and innovative teaching strategies that are completely "out of the box!" Students who study with me will be engaged in many ways including game based music theory, improvisation, composing, and performance opportunities, just to name a few!

Schedule a free consultation! Inquire on the Lesson Page for the type of lesson you are interested in to set up a personal consultation to come meet me and see what I have to offer in person and make sure that I and my teaching style are a good fit for your student! I have experience teaching many different students with various needs and end goals. I tailor my approach for each student to match their personal goals.

Tuition Structure: Private lessons are billed a flat monthly tuition rate based on all the lessons offered during the YEAR*. Tuition is based on me providing a lesson of your chosen duration every week during the school year (except for: Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break), and includes summer lessons, or their equivalent for a total of 44 lessons each calendar year. Regularly scheduled lessons begin the second week of the school year and continue through the last week of the school year. Regular tuition is collected September through July. Enrollment fees are collected in August-see below. Your monthly tuition is calculated by multiplying the rate for your lesson length by the total number of lessons taught in the year (44) and divided by the 11 months tuition is collected. Summers are special! I offer several different Summer Study Packages to maximize flexibility during the summer break. These include: 9 regular 30-minute lessons (by appointment as convenient for both parties), 3 once a month mini music camps, a combination of regular lessons and mini camps, 6 regular 45-minute lessons, or we will work together to create a customized package. If regular lessons are selected, I offer several "Summer Tracks" that range from "Same Old" to "Off the Bench Only" and everything in between to maximize the retention of skills over the summer while accommodating a realistic outlook on what kind of practice commitment can be made! Because I prefer to keep a full studio during the school year, continuing summer lessons with any Summer Study Package guarantees you a place in the studio for the following school year. Along with prompt tuition payments, it also qualifies your student for the free studio t-shirt designed new every year and given out in September! *Students joining the studio mid year will have a pro-rated enrollment fee and will begin paying regular tuition rates in the month they begin lessons and are not charged for any previous months.

Sibling/Multiple Lesson Discount*: The first student pays regular tuition. Each subsequent lesson spot reserved within the same family will receive a 15% discount. This applies to siblings, parents, or a student who is studying both flute and piano with me. *This discount does NOT apply if you are already receiving a discounted rate for group flute lessons.

Scholarship: Every once in awhile, a student will approach me with great desire, extreme motivation, dedication and talent, who for various reasons, is not able to pay the regular tuition rates. In such rare instances, after an audition and interview with student and parents, I have been able to work with the student and parents to find a suitable arrangement to allow for private study.

Enrollment Fee: Every student will need to pay an enrollment fee in July (prorated quarterly for those who sign up at different times of year) to guarantee a lesson spot come fall. This is Non-refundable except in the event that a scheduling conflict will not allow the continuation of lessons. The Enrollment Fee schedule is as follows*:

WunderKeys Pre-School Piano Lessons: $15/student

Piano:  $25/student

Flute:  $20/student

*No family shall pay more than $50 in enrollment fees.

Why an enrollment fee? I teach much of music theory via subscription to printable games that are played in lessons and are allowed to be checked out to be played at home. I also offer significant amounts of printed sheet music, also via subscription, to my students on a regular basis. Instead of charging students for every new piece of music I hand out or raising my rates by even $1 per lesson, I have chosen to charge an enrollment fee to cover these printing and subscription costs . It also covers the cost of renting a recital facility twice a year and program printing.

Policies: You will be given a Studio Policy Brochure at your first lesson which goes over in detail Studio Procedures, Expectations, Payment Schedule, Required Materials, Options for Missed Lessons, etc.

Inquire about Rates and schedule a FREE consultation: For more information, please submit a request via the Lesson Page! I prefer to discuss rates in person and to address any concerns at that time.